About Concrete

Fibers: How They Help Keep Things Together

A simple idea has improved the durability of concrete. Can a tiny fiber really reduce early age cracking? Absolutely. Small FIBERMESH structural synthetic fibers disperse quickly and completely throughout a concrete mix before it's poured and are invisible in the final product. They don't absorb moisture so there is no affect on the color or textured design of your new concrete patio, walk or any other surface. Better performance, better finishing, these fibers are hard at work controlling drying shrinkage cracks and adding surface durability.

Concrete Recycling

Concrete is made of water, stone and sand and is recycled and reused. When it's time to replace it, the concrete is crushed to produce concrete aggregate. This material is highly suitable for paved sidewalks, economical concrete bases, bridge foundations, curbs, gutters and more. Chris Foss Contractor removes old concrete, grinds it to the proper size aggregate, and uses it as a base on our own projects. It's the ultimate in reducing, reusing and recycling in our area.

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