Acid Staining

Acid staining is an exciting way to finish new and existing concrete. Not a coating or paint finish, acid stain actually colors the cement in a chemical reaction. The result is a beautiful, durable mottling of translucent color. Some compare the look to marble or flagstone as the staining creates natural variegations and marbling. Pattern can be achieved by applying different colors, however the color will vary randomly.

Organic in style, acid staining is used on cement floors in family rooms, party rooms, garages and more. It is a durable and easy care alternative to carpet, wood or tile. It is impervious to flood (yes we do have wet basements in Wisconsin!) But we have acid stained many concrete surfaces including a cast concrete table in a local garden. The process makes the finish very durable and it looks as though years of weather have “seasoned” it like wood. Charming!

There are many factors that will affect the look of your acid stained surface, we’d be happy to talk with you about the possibilities!

Concrete acid staining