About Us

A 25 year old company in Dane County, Wisconsin, Chris Foss contractor is "everything" concrete. Foundations, both standard and Insulated Concrete Foundations (ICF), Chris Foss Contractor builds from the ground up. Creating spaces that make a home or commercial business accessible, we design and install driveways and parking areas, sidewalks, entries and steps, floors and patios. We pour dozens of pools each year and pool surrounds are a specialty of ours. Using the newest technology we have craftsmen that do the heavy lifting: making your concrete project look beautiful.

As our company has grown, the times have changed: pervious concrete has become an important product. We're proud to be certified and have completed projects that restore our groundwater. Another important trend is the recycling of concrete. At Chris Foss Contractor we remove old concrete that's past it's prime, grinding it into an aggregate perfect for our reuse as a base in new projects. You'll find more about both these trends in our website.

One of the biggest trends is decorative or stamped concrete. We've built a good reputation for the design and installation of some pretty amazing home entrances, patios, driveways and walks. We explain the process here on our website and hope it helps you in the planning process of your next project. We look forward to serving you.

Stamped concrete pool deck